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Famous American restaurateur,chef,and TV character Scott Conant is very much respected for his accommodating methodology in the kitchen and his skill in Italian food. Conant’s enthusiasm in cooking started at an early age.

He was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, on February 19, 1971. 

He started taking cooking classes in his space when his adoration for food developed. 

Eventually,he had the option to seek formal culinary preparation at the Culinary Organization of America,one of the best cooking schools in the country.

Subsequent to finishing his authority training,Conant’s expert profession took off. He began his career as an intern at the well-known San Domenico restaurant in New York City. 

He went from top assistant chef to cook the food quickly in light of the fact that to his expertise and responsibility. In this period,he obtained extremely valuable This global openness added profundity to his culinary ability.

Conant’s commitment to The New York Times granting San Domenico a three-star rating after he got back to New York is proof of his imaginative and talented cooking. 

This achievement denoted the start of his ascent in the culinary world and provoked the interest of pundits and foodies the same.

Conant advanced his career as chef de cuisine at Il Toscanaccio on the Upper East Side after being hired in 1995. 

Before long,he was overseeing other tip top cafés like Barolo in SoHo and Chianti on the Upper East Side. 

In these positions, his leadership and imaginative vision demonstrated his capacity to transform and elevate restaurant experiences, which resulted in significant acclaim and an expanding fan base.

Meltem Contant

Meltem Conant, a well-known wife from the United States, was born in Turkey.

Meltem Conant, formerly Meltem Bozkurt Conant, is the wife of American celebrity chef Scott Conant. 

Her date of birth isn’t yet known as she has not revealed it to the media. Her astrological sign is also unknown. 

She is a Turkish public by both origination and ethnicity and is of Center Eastern drop. No data is accessible with respect to her confidence or religion. 

Essentially, her family and individual life are additionally private and obscure. Nonetheless, data is accessible about her folks and kin.

Meltem Conant Personal life

Meltem Conant is famous for having an unobtrusive existence and staying away from the spotlight. 

She has decided to save a level of isolation remarkable among individuals who are near whizzes. She first gained attention as the spouse of Scott Conant, a well-known American chef and television personality. 

In spite of being hitched to a notable individual, Meltem has kept a position of safety and has decided not to unveil a lot of individual data to the general population.

On the other hand, Scott Conant’s expert direction has been chronicled all around. 

His culinary profession started in New York, where he filled in as a top assistant chef at a bistro. In the hope of becoming chef de cuisine, he moved to Il Toscanaccio in 1995 to work under Cesare Casella.

Due to his captivating demeanor, Conant was featured on Martha Stewart Living, Good Morning America, and The Today Show. 

Notwithstanding his work on TV, he is the writer of numerous distributions, like Intense Italian, New Italian Cooking, and The Scarpetta Cookbook.

Meltem and Scott Conant have struck a solid balance notwithstanding having various ways to deal with public life. 

This permits Meltem to keep her security while supporting her better half in his public interests. 

The couple’s dynamic represents the extraordinary manners by which people explore the difficulties of public and confidential life.

Who is Scott Conant


American chef,restaurateur,and TV character Scott Conant was brought into the world on February 19,1971,in Waterbury, Connecticut. 

Conspicuous for his mastery in Italian and American cuisine,Conant has earned a devoted following through his contribution in famous cooking shows including “Chopped,”Top Culinary expert,” and “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. “

He is popular in the food business due to his gregarious character and broad culinary information.

Conant wanted to cook since he was a little youngster. 

His experience growing up examinations in cooking at a close by junior college lighted an energy for food that endured forever. 

This early exposure spurred him to attend W.F. Kaynor Technical High School for formal instruction, which was the beginning of his culinary journey. 

After that,he sought after his investigations at the regarded Culinary Establishment of America.

Conant showed his ability for resurrecting foundations and creating particular feasting encounters at City Restaurant on the Bowery. 

His standing as a profoundly sought-after gourmet expert was additionally solidified there,where his work got basic recognition. 

Because of his capacity to mix customary Italian cooking procedures with imaginative creativity,Conant has become well known in the culinary business that is both unmistakable and enduring.

Scott Conant  Biography

Famous culinary expert Scott Conant was brought into the world on February 19,1971,in Waterbury,Connecticut,and is of blended Italian and American plummet. 

His TV appearances on famous food shows including “Top Chef,”Anthony Bourdain: He has gained recognition thanks to “Martha Stewart Living” and “No Reservations.”

As of the middle of 2016,Conant’s assessed total assets was above $5 million. He has distributed smash hit cookbooks and runs various beneficial eateries notwithstanding his work on TV.

From a young age, Conant enjoyed cooking.

At the point when he was a youthful understudy at an adjoining junior college, he fostered an interest in cooking. He went to W.F.Kaynor Specialized Secondary School for his proper tutoring prior to progressing forward to the Culinary Establishment of America to further his abilities.


Full NameScott Conant
Date of BirthFebruary 19, 1971
BirthplaceWaterbury, Connecticut, USA
EducationCulinary Institute of America
ProfessionRestaurateur, Chef, TV Personality
SpouseMeltem Conant (formerly Meltem Bozkurt Conant)
ChildrenTwo daughters: Ayla Sophia Reina and Karya Eva Maria
EthnicityMixed Italian and American descent
Notable Shows“Chopped,” “Top Chef,” “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations,” “Martha Stewart Living,” “Good Morning America,” “The Today Show”
Net WorthEstimated over $5 million
BusinessCo-founder of Visionaries At Play (Meltem Conant); former co-owner of New Jersey restaurants with Chris Cannon (Scott Conant)
Notable AwardsRecognition for culinary expertise and successful restaurants; numerous publications and cookbooks authored by Scott Conant
Age52 years old (as of 2023)
FamilyHusband: Scott Conant; daughters: Ayla Sophia Reina and Karya Eva Maria
BusinessCo-founder of Visionaries At Play (Meltem Conant); former co-owner of New Jersey restaurants with Chris Cannon (Scott Conant)

Scott Conant Family

Brought into the world on February 8, 2010, and September 19, 2012, separately, Meltem Conant and her significant other, popular gourmet expert Scott Conant, have made an exquisite family that incorporates their two girls, Ayla Sophia Reina and Karya Eva Maria. 

The couple, who both have requesting positions, sets aside opportunities for their children and regularly posts contact pictures of them via virtual entertainment to communicate their adoration and pride in their loved ones.

Meltem and Scott ensure their young ladies are presented to a scope of societies, but since Meltem’s Turkish beginning, they put a specific spotlight on Turkish traditions. 

Several intend to give their children a caring climate by presenting them with different food varieties, including Turkish delights that are an impression of Meltem’s legacy. Raising their young ladies gives them enormous joy.

Scott Conant Education

Scott Conant’s schooling immensely affected his profession as a notable culinary expert and effective restaurateur. 

He fostered an adoration for cooking at an early age,and as a teenager,he signed up for a nearby junior college’s culinary expressions program. 

These early encounters drove him toward a lifelong interest in cooking and provoked his curiosity in culinary expressions. 

Conant then went to W.F.Kaynor Specialized High School,where he acquired useful experience and assisted his culinary abilities.

Scott Conant Age

52 Scott Conant,who will be years old in 2023,was brought into the world on February 19,1971,in Waterbury,Connecticut. 

His senior age is a demonstration of the expansiveness of information he has created in the culinary expressions during his vocation. 

Conant’s vocation away from his initial culinary examinations to his ongoing status as a notable chef,restaurateur,and TV character is described by major areas of strength for his art.

Scott Conant Net Worth

Being the spouse of notable American culinary specialist Scott Conant, Meltem Conant’s distinction and abundance have expanded decisively. 

Meltem was an educator once, yet she would need to avoid the spotlight, consequently she tries not to discuss the subtleties of her work or monetary circumstance. 

Conversely, her hubby Scott Conant has a notable profession in the culinary expressions and is assessed to be valued at $5 million.

Being Scott’s significant other has unquestionably added to Meltem’s reputation, yet she keeps a position of safety and ceases from sharing a lot about her own or proficient life. 

Due to her significant other’s notoriety, she is currently notable, yet she actually figures out how to accommodate her requirement for security by assisting Scott with his work. 

Despite the media’s attention to her husband’s fame, Meltem continues to prioritize her own life and career, implicitly supporting Scott’s culinary endeavors.

Meltem Conant business

Hitched couple Meltem and Scott Conant have areas of strength for both business and eating.

In the wake of dating for quite some time subsequent to meeting in New York City,the couple wedded in a dazzling wedding in Bodrum,Turkey,in 2007.

Mutual regard and normal interests have described their organization and assisted them with squeezing by in coexistence.

Meltem is one of the fellow benefactors of Visionaries At Play,a vivid experience configuration firm that works with occasions and organizations. 

In contrast,Scott is a notable American VIP chef,restaurateur,and television character who has won a few distinctions for his culinary ability. 

They often show up together at business occasions regardless of having furious professions,demonstrating their help for each other’s interests.

Scott Conant co-owned two New Jersey restaurants with Chris Cannon prior to his marriage to Meltem. Prior to that, they were in a business partnership. 

However,their relationship ended in 2007 because of a business disagreement regarding the division of their joint ventures,Alto and L’Impero. 

The contention prompted a fight in court with respect to remarks made by Conant about Gun’s skill in an exchange distribution. 

The case was settled in 2008,and the previous accomplices headed out in a different direction.

In synopsis, Meltem and Scott Conant’s relationship is based on a common energy for food, travel, and business. 

They have upheld each other through various challenges all through their excursion together, demonstrating that adoration and regard for each other are fundamental parts of a blissful marriage. 

They keep on being focused on each other and their family regardless of the challenges presented by notable positions, showing that a certified organization is tied in with creating and learning together.


  1. Meltem Conant, formerly Meltem Bozkurt Conant, is the wife of renowned American celebrity chef Scott Conant.
  2. She was born in Turkey, but her exact date of birth is not publicly known.
  3. Meltem maintains a private life and avoids the spotlight despite being married to a notable figure.
  4. She has two daughters with Scott Conant: Ayla Sophia Reina and Karya Eva Maria.
  5. Meltem is of Turkish origin and has a background in education, although specifics about her profession are undisclosed.
  6. Meltem and Scott Conant have a strong bond, supporting each other’s professional endeavors while maintaining a balance between public and private life.
  7. She co-founded Visionaries At Play, an experiential design firm, demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit and involvement in business ventures.


The article discusses Meltem Conant, the wife of celebrity chef Scott Conant, emphasizing her private nature and supportive role in her husband’s career. It highlights her Turkish heritage, her family life with Scott and their two daughters, and her involvement in business ventures like Visionaries At Play. The article touches upon Scott Conant’s culinary career and their dynamic as a couple, showcasing their mutual respect and commitment despite the challenges of fame.


What is Meltem Conant’s background?

Meltem Conant was born in Turkey and is of Turkish origin. She is known for maintaining a private life despite being married to a renowned chef.

How many children does Meltem Conant have?

Meltem Conant has two daughters with her husband, Scott Conant, named Ayla Sophia Reina and Karya Eva Maria.

What is Meltem Conant’s profession?

While specific details about Meltem Conant’s profession are undisclosed, she is known for her involvement in business ventures, including co-founding Visionaries At Play.

What is the net worth of Meltem Conant?

Meltem Conant’s net worth is not publicly available. However, being married to a successful celebrity chef like Scott Conant likely contributes to her financial stability.

How does Meltem Conant balance her public and private life?

Meltem Conant maintains a low profile and avoids the spotlight despite her husband’s fame. She focuses on supporting Scott Conant’s career while prioritizing her family life and business endeavors.

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