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Meet Lucius, the more youthful sibling of entertainer Ricardo Hoyos. Lucius gladly conveys a rich and different legacy, a lovely mix of his dad’s Quechua family from Peru and Ecuador, and his mom’s French Canadian, Irish, and Scottish roots. 

Experiencing childhood in such a dynamic blend of societies has profoundly molded Lucius’ personality, giving him an exceptional point of view on life. From the rhythms of South America to the appeal of Europe, Lucius epitomizes a beautiful embroidery of customs, dialects, and customs. 

He tracks down delight in investigating his legacy, whether through family stories went down through ages or undertakings distant from the world. 

For Lucius, his experience isn’t simply a piece of what his identity is; it’s a wellspring of pride and association, meshing its direction into each part of his life and enhancing his associations with family and local area.

Who is Lucius Hoyos

You could realize Lucius Hoyos best for his jobs in some family-accommodating movies. He’s featured as James Nash in the activity pressed science fiction flick “F.R.E.D.I.” and as Jack Keller in the endearing “Bark Officer.” 

Lucius’ ability hasn’t slipped by everyone’s notice either – he’s gathered up a Joey Grant for his voice-over work and procured a designation for the Activity In movie form Grant for his champion exhibitions. He’s certainly one to watch in the amusement world!

Lucius Hoyos Bio

Lucius Hoyos hails from a very close family in Alliston, Ontario, Canada, where he was brought up. Gladly Canadian, he’s a devotee to the Christian confidence and tracks down importance and strength in his otherworldliness. 

As a Virgo, Lucius points out a mix of common sense and detail to all that he does, whether it’s on screen or in his own life.


Full Real NameLucius Hoyos
ProfessionTV Actor
Date Of BirthAugust 31st, 2001
Age21 years old
BirthdayAugust 31st
Year Of Birth2001
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California
CountryUnited States

Lucius Hoyos Education

Lucius Hoyos began his instructive excursion here in Canada prior to wandering across the boundary to the US for additional learning potential open doors. 

Taking into account his age, it’s presumably protected to say he went to a really lofty secondary school.

As he proceeded with his examinations, he was sufficiently lucky to procure a grant that opened entryways for him to seek after his schooling in the States. It’s unmistakable he’s committed to the two his specialty and his schooling!

Lucius Hoyos Age

Lucius Hoyos entered the world on August 31, 2001, making him 21 years of age and a glad Virgo. With his birthday falling in the pre-fall, he brings a glow and a drive that is unquestionable. 

Experiencing childhood in the mid 2000s, Lucius encountered a world near the precarious edge of mechanical progression, molding his point of view and his way to deal with his vocation. 

As he explores his mid twenties, he conveys with him the insight and scientific nature of the mill of Virgos, continuously taking a stab at flawlessness in his specialty and looking for ways of improving and developing. 

As time passes, Lucius keeps on cutting out his way in media outlets, transforming crowds and motivating others with his ability and assurance.

Lucius Hoyos Height

Standing tall at 5 feet 10 inches and tipping the scales at 64 kilograms, Lucius Hoyos encapsulates a reasonable and solid build. With his level and weight falling inside the normal reach for somebody his age, Lucius conducts himself with a certainty that transmits both on and off screen. 

His actual characteristics supplement his presence as an entertainer, permitting him to consistently possess the jobs he takes on and enthrall crowds with his exhibitions. 

As he keeps on chasing after his energy for acting, Lucius stays aware of the significance of keeping up with his wellbeing and prosperity, perceiving that a solid body and psyche are fundamental devices in his excursion toward progress.

Lucius Hoyos Personal life

Lucius’ childhood was a bright embroidery woven with strings from his different legacy. Growing up encompassed by Quechua, French Canadian, Irish, and Scottish impacts, he learned right off the bat the magnificence of embracing various societies. 

For Lucius, family social occasions weren’t just about sharing feasts; they were valuable chances to dig into the narratives and customs that molded their characters. His adoration for investigation drove him to plunge into his underlying foundations through movement, absorbing the sights, sounds, and kinds of Peru, Ecuador, and Europe. 

Whether traveling across the Andes or floating along Quebec’s waterways, Lucius tracks down comfort and motivation in nature, where he feels generally associated with his substance. 

In his excursion through life, he embraces the wealth of his family, tracking down bliss in the mosaic of his Quechua, French Canadian, Irish, and Scottish legacy.

Lucius Hoyos Family

Lucius Hoyos comes from a very close family where love and backing stream richly. His folks, Ricardo Hoyos, Sr. 

What’s more, Eileen Hoyos, have forever been his greatest team promoters, empowering him to seek after his energy for acting. Lucius imparts a unique cling to his grandma, tenderly known as Mamaryan, whose insight and love have had an enduring effect on him.

Growing up, Lucius admired his more established sibling, Ricardo Hoyos, a recognizable face in Hollywood known for his part in “Degrassi: The Future” and other striking ventures. 

With Ricardo making ready, Lucius found motivation and direction as he explored the universe of diversion. Hailing from a mix of French-Canadian and Irish foundations, Lucius’ legacy adds profundity and wealth to his character, mirroring the different embroidery of his family’s underlying foundations.

Lucius Hoyos Career

Hoyos is a youthful Canadian entertainer and television host who’s causing disturbances in the diversion scene. Beginning his acting process early, he immediately rose to noticeable quality, drawing motivation from his more seasoned sibling Ricardo Hoyos. One of his champion exhibitions was as “Max Lightwood-Plague” in the hit television series “Shadowhunters,” where he displayed his adaptability and ability.

In any case, that is not all – you could likewise remember him as Jose Gutierrez in “Legends Renewed,” where he charmed crowds with his profundity and subtlety in depicting the person. Fans revere him for his acting chops, yet in addition for his irresistible appeal and mischievous funny bone.

Past the screen, Hoyos involves his foundation for good, supporting different worthy missions like creature government assistance and psychological wellness mindfulness. He’s enthusiastic about having a beneficial outcome and urges others to go along with him in these endeavors.

As of late, he made an important visitor appearance in the Netflix film “Conscious,” imparting the screen to capable entertainers like Shamier Anderson and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Furthermore, with forthcoming tasks like “Some time ago in Staten Island” and “All is Well” ready to go, obviously Hoyos’ star is simply going to sparkle brighter in the years to come.

Lucius Hoyos Net Worth

Lucius Hoyos has fabricated a strong profession making every moment count, and it pays off. With profit going from $25,000 to $35,000 every year from his jobs in films and Programs, he’s most certainly earning enough to pay the rent. 

Yet, that is not all – Lucius additionally helps his pay through advertisements and his presence via virtual entertainment stages. 

With this large number of streams joined, his assessed total assets falls between a cool $3 to $4 million. It’s reasonable his ability isn’t just perceived however compensated in the business.

Lucius Hoyos Relationship

Hoyos is one great youthful entertainer who refined a ton at such a young age. All through his vocation, he’s had the amazing chance to team up for certain large names in the business, which says a lot about his ability and hard working attitude. 

While we don’t know about his ongoing relationship status, it appears to be he’s zeroing in his energy on moving higher in his vocation. 

With his assurance and drive, there’s almost certainly he’s on target to become famous in the realm of amusement.


  • Birthdate and Age: Lucius Hoyos was born on August 31, 2001, making him 21 years old as of [current year].
  • Heritage: He comes from a diverse background, with Quechua roots from Peru and Ecuador on his father’s side, and French Canadian, Irish, and Scottish ancestry from his mother’s side.
  • Early Career: Lucius started his acting career at a young age and quickly rose to prominence in the entertainment industry.
  • Notable Roles: He is best known for his role as Max Lightwood-Bane in the television series “Shadowhunters” and as Jose Gutierrez in “Heroes Reborn.”
  • Recognition: Lucius has received accolades for his work, including a Joey Award for his voice-over work.
  • Charitable Work: He is actively involved in charitable causes, particularly those related to animal welfare and mental health awareness.
  • Upcoming Projects: Lucius has several upcoming projects, including “Once Upon a Time in Staten Island” and “Everything’s Fine.”


Lucius Hoyos is a capable youthful Canadian entertainer known for his different legacy and flexible exhibitions. Ascending to notoriety very early on, he has gathered acknowledgment for his parts in TV series like “Shadowhunters” and “Legends Reawakened.” Past his acting profession, Lucius is focused on involving his foundation for good, supporting different admirable missions. With a few energizing tasks not too far off, he keeps on causing disturbances in media outlets.


What is Lucius Hoyos’ heritage?

Lucius has Quechua roots from Peru and Ecuador on his father’s side, and French Canadian, Irish, and Scottish ancestry from his mother’s side.

What are some of Lucius Hoyos’ notable roles?

Lucius is best known for portraying Max Lightwood-Bane in “Shadowhunters” and Jose Gutierrez in “Heroes Reborn.”

What awards has Lucius Hoyos won?

He has received a Joey Award for his voice-over work.

What charitable causes is Lucius Hoyos involved in?

Lucius is actively involved in causes related to animal welfare and mental health awareness.

What upcoming projects does Lucius Hoyos have?

Lucius has several upcoming projects, including “Once Upon a Time in Staten Island” and “Everything’s Fine.”

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