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Kevin Selleck has cut out his own way throughout everyday life, except one association he can’t escape is being the child of Tom Selleck, the notorious entertainer referred to for his job as Magnum, private investigator Regardless of his own achievements as a performer and entertainer, Kevin stays connected to the tradition of his well known father. 

Raised by his supermodel mother, Jacqueline Beam, Kevin experienced childhood in an extraordinary climate where his dad was a cherished TV figure for ages. 

This mix of inventive impacts from his folks has without a doubt molded Kevin’s excursion, giving him an unmistakable point of view on notoriety and individual accomplishment.

Who is Kevin Selleck

Kevin Selleck, an American entertainer and performer, was born on May 7, 1966 in the United States.He is the offspring of famous performer Tom Selleck and his most vital life partner, Jacqueline Pillar.

While Kevin is perhaps generally famous for his parts in Projects, for instance, “Magnum, confidential specialist” and “Las Vegas,” as well as in films like “Yell 2” and “Meet the Robinsons,” his capacities loosen up past acting.

Kevin has moreover sought after a long lasting in music, conveying a couple of assortments. Disregarding the way that he hasn’t shown up at comparable level of prevalence as his father, Kevin Selleck has removed his own specialty in news sources, displaying his various gifts and becoming popular in both acting and music.

Kevin Selleck Bio

Kevin Selleck, initially conceived Kevin S. Shepard in 1966, is the child of previous American model and entertainer Jacqueline Beam and her then-spouse, Shepard. Little is had some significant awareness of Kevin’s initial life or his folks’ marriage, however the couple ultimately isolated. 

In May 1971, Jacqueline wedded entertainer Tom Selleck, who embraced Kevin and raised him as his own, even after his separation from Jacqueline in 1982. 

Jacqueline later wedded Clarence Barry Witmer in 1992, which gave Kevin a stepsister named Umeko. In the interim, Tom Selleck’s union with English entertainer Jillie Mack created Kevin’s step-sister, Hannah Margaret Selleck.

In 1993, Kevin joined the American musical crew Tonic as the drummer, close by Emerson Hart, Jeff Russo, Dan Lavery, and Dan Rothchild. The band’s presentation collection, “Lemon March,” delivered in 1996, was a critical achievement and ultimately ensured platinum. 

Their 1997 single, “On the off chance that You Could See,” arrived at number 11 on the Board Airplay Hot 100. Notwithstanding, close to this time, Kevin had a contention with one of the musicians, prompting his takeoff from Tonic. He refered to family and individual purposes behind his exit. He was in this manner supplanted by Remy Vogt on drums, while Dan Lavery took over Dan Rothchild’s situation on bass.

Tonic kept on flourishing, delivering their subsequent collection, “Sugar,” in 1999, and their third collection, “Head on Straight,” in 2002, which acquired them two Grammy Grant designations. The band proceeded to deliver a fourth studio collection named “Tonic” in 2010. 

They additionally visited widely and added to different film soundtracks. Regardless of pulling back from the band, Kevin Selleck’s initial contribution in Tonic remaining parts an eminent piece of his vocation in media outlets.


Full nameKevin Shepard Selleck
Date of birth1966
Age57 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signGemini
Place of birthUnited States of America
EducationUniversity of Southern California
Hair colourDark brown
Eye colourBrown
Height (feet/inches)6’3″
Height (centimetres)190
Weight (pounds)139
Weight (kilograms)63
FatherTom Selleck
MotherJacqueline Ray
Sexual orientationStraight
Marital statusMarried
WifeAnnabelle Selleck
OccupationMusician, actor
Net worth$1 million

Kevin Selleck Education

Kevin Selleck finished his secondary school training in Los Angeles, California. Following his graduation, he sought after his energy for music and turned into an individual from a musical crew. 

This choice denoted the start of his excursion in the music business, where he contributed his abilities and improved his abilities, prompting different encounters and open doors inside the field.

Kevin Selleck Age

Kevin Selleck, an American entertainer and performer, was brought into the world on August 7, 1966, making him 57 years of age starting around 2023. He is the posterity of eminent entertainer Tom Selleck and model Jacqueline Bar.

Despite his father’s notoriety, Kevin has stayed under the radar in news sources. He has appeared in several films and Organization programs, including “Magnum, confidential examiner” and “Yell 2,” but his fundamental spotlight has been on his music work.

During the 1990s, Kevin was a person from the band Tonic, which saw amazing achievement with their show assortment “Lemon Walk.”

In spite of the way that Kevin may not be basically just about as comprehensively saw as his father, he has successfully removed his own specific manner, continuing to seek after his inclinations in both music and acting.

Kevin Selleck Height

Kevin Selleck remains at a great 6 feet 3 inches (190 centimeters), which adds to his ordering presence both on and off the stage. 

This eminent level improves his jobs as a performer and entertainer, mirroring areas of strength for the charming presence frequently connected with the Selleck family. 

His tall height is a vital piece of his general persona, adding to his particular and noteworthy appearance.

Kevin Selleck Personal life

Around the age of 22, Kevin Selleck battled with liquor enslavement, which prompted critical individual difficulties. Adding to his troubles, a Visa organization sued him for an extraordinary obligation of $6,000. 

All through this violent period, his dad, Tom Selleck, offered immovable help to assist Kevin with getting his life in the groove again. On account of Tom’s tireless endeavors, Kevin in the end defeated his habit.

Kevin’s life has likewise been set apart by family unrest. In 2014, his introduction to the world mother, Jacqueline Beam, stood out as truly newsworthy for recruiting a hired gunman to kill her girl’s significant other — Kevin’s stepsister’s companion. She was indicted and is as of now carrying out a 18-year jail punishment for the wrongdoing.

On a more certain note, Kevin has tracked down strength in his own existence with his better half, Annabelle Selleck. Several has been fruitful in keeping their hidden life out of the public eye, and they are guardians to six youngsters. 

Kevin has taken critical steps in his self-improvement and is devoted to being a dependable and caring dad, zeroing in on giving a cherishing and strong climate for his loved ones.

Kevin Selleck Family

Kevin Selleck keeps a confidential everyday life, except it’s realized that he is hitched to Annabelle, and together they have six kids. Kevin’s folks are the eminent entertainer Tom Selleck and previous model and entertainer Jacqueline Beam. 

Tom Selleck, popular for his parts in various effective movies and Network programs, and Jacqueline Beam, who showed up in a couple of undertakings during the 1970s, wedded in 1971. Their marriage endured 11 years, finishing in 1982.

During their marriage, Tom Selleck embraced Kevin, who was initially named Kevin Shepard, from Jacqueline’s past relationship. This reception occurred when Kevin was 21 years of age, on August 7, 1987.

 Kevin frequently talks about the significant impact Tom has had on his life, as an entertainer as well as a mentor. 

Notwithstanding the difficulties he has confronted, Kevin has cut out his own way throughout everyday life, continuously recognizing the huge effect his supportive dad has had on forming his personality and vocation.

Kevin Selleck Career

Subsequent to finishing his secondary school training, Kevin Selleck set out on a melodic excursion in 1993 by joining the American musical gang Tonic, a five-man gathering.

 As the drummer, Kevin assumed a significant part in the band’s prosperity. They delivered their presentation collection, “Lemon March,” in 1996, which incorporated the hit single “On the off chance that You Could See.”

 In spite of their underlying achievement, the band at last headed out in different directions. Kevin endeavored to frame his own band, yet sadly, it didn’t accomplish a similar degree of progress.

During this difficult period, Kevin’s receptive dad, Tom Selleck, stepped in to help him. With Tom’s help, Kevin progressed into the film business. 

In 1987, Kevin showed up in the television series “Magnum, private investigator,” a show that fundamentally helped his perceivability and set up for his future undertakings. 

Regardless of the promising and less promising times in his vocation, Kevin has figured out how to cut out a specialty for himself in both the music and media outlets, showing versatility and flexibility.

Kevin Selleck Net Worth

Starting around 2023, Kevin Selleck’s total assets is assessed to be around $1 million. This great figure is the consequence of his different profession as both a performer and an entertainer. 

Kevin previously transformed the music business as the drummer for the musical crew Tonic, adding to the band’s initial accomplishment with their presentation collection, “Lemon March.”

 Later, with the backing of his receptive dad, Tom Selleck, he changed into acting, landing jobs in eminent tasks like the television series “Magnum, private investigator” and the film “Shout 2.” 

Through these endeavors, Kevin has consistently created his financial wellbeing, exhibiting his ability and flexibility in media outlets.

Kevin Selleck Relationship

Kevin Selleck’s childhood was essentially impacted by his mom, Jacqueline Beam, and his stepfather, Tom Selleck, who stayed a resolute presence in Kevin’s life even after his separation from Jacqueline.

 In his more youthful years, Kevin admired Tom as both a legend and a celebrity. Tom’s help was pivotal, particularly during Kevin’s battles with enslavement, a bombed music profession, and monetary hardships.

Kevin’s young years were wild. He displayed conduct that almost driven him to be shipped off all inclusive school at 15. Nonetheless, his contribution in football and volleyball at the College of Southern California, enlivened by his stepfather, denoted a defining moment. 

Tom Selleck, frequently seen going to Kevin’s matches, was a steady figure through these undertakings. Tragically, Kevin’s promising athletic profession was stopped by wounds, a setback that exacerbated his liquor issues.

At 22, Kevin looked for help for his fixation at the Betty Portage Center, a move that appeared to set him on a superior way. It was during this period that he joined the musical crew Tonic as a drummer. 

The band made remarkable progress with their introduction collection, “Lemon March,” yet unseen struggles prompted Kevin’s takeoff. His ensuing endeavor to frame another band fizzled, driving him to ultimately leave his music profession.

Monetary difficulties kept on tormenting Kevin, finishing in a judgment for a neglected charge card bill in 2011. Regardless of Tom Selleck’s continuous help — both monetarily and genuinely — Kevin confronted constant difficulties. 

Today, while explicit insights concerning his ongoing undertakings are scant, we realize that he is hitched to Annabelle Selleck. In opposition to prior reports of an unassuming total assets, it is currently assessed at $18 million, reflecting maybe a more steady stage in his life.

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